36 thoughts on “let’s get em

  1. I Love pic- Have been wanting to copy that outfit but can’t find the jacket- Topshop did one EXACTLY the same last week in black and a rose colour however they soid out within minutes I think! Also Australian label Bassike does pants exactly like that if you are looking- bassike.com :)

  2. it’s a really cool outfit, but it’s a few that could pull it of like her.

    btw, i have featured you on my blog. your’e great.

  3. For REAL. She looks perfect, and I’m pretty sure I want every single piece of this outfit as well.

  4. Snälla är det nån som vart vart man kan köpa såna byxor ? så underbart coola o jackan ska vi inte tala , gud va snygg..

  5. Haha, så komiskt. När man först tittar på bilden ser man bara en grym outfit. Sen när man läser texten ser man pyjamasbyxorna och toalettmattan. Tänk att det kunde vara så snyggt ihop:)

  6. Haha, I’ve got a black leather jacket with carpet-looking sleeves and collar and everyone laughed at it when I wore it couple times like half year ago…well look who’s having the last laugh now :P

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