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LEO. These past couple of days has been super hectic but so much fun! I have tons of pictures to show you guys as soon as I can find some time to upload them. Until then, a picture Tommy Ton took of me outside Lincoln center,
in love with this dress!

92 thoughts on “leopard

  1. i also have sth similar to what she’s wearing!!! love it animal print!!

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  2. OK, i cannot wait to bust out my Leopard Coat from when I worked at WetSeal in the 90’s…. yea i was 16 and now im 31, ahahaha! It still fits and is amazing <3

  3. this has got to be my favorite picture of you. not only do you look freaking gorgeous, but that dress is just amazing on you! it suits you so well. gotta love H&M!

  4. gorgeous! I love the hat combined witht the leopard… I’m actually not such an animal-print person but it looks stunning on you!



  5. I think you are taking more chances than you did before, this is kind of safe, but even though your style is more expermientic then it used to be. Love that you are not so predictable anymore. I love this blog, but I’m getting really tired of seeing the same post all week. You should post more frequently to make it exciting.

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