leopard print jacket








Leopard jacket, Gina Tricot. Top, Levis. Jeans, Cubus. Boots, Minimarket. Bag, Miu Miu.

LEO. So this leopard jacket isn’t exactly what I was looking for from the beginning but I still love it!
I bought it a couple of sizes too big to get more of an oversized look. I’ll probably wear it until it falls apart.

42 thoughts on “leopard print jacket

  1. You’re one of are most inspiration person, love your style, love your hair, love your smile! Keep going like that because you give so much to al of us!


  2. Mmmh Actually I always like when THE fashionista exquisitely tends to reveal/emphasize THE roaring feline who slumbers in her . . . AND on such a Dazzling/smiling way with you !!!!

  3. oh wow, chic! I have a very similar one from last spring. Too abd didn’t get to wear it much but it’s time is so coming!:)) love the first pic btw, perfection:)

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