leopard pants

Photos by Mattias Swenson

LEOPARD. Christmas is slowly sneaking up on us (I mean, just look at all those christmas trees lurking in the background of these pictures..) and still, no snow as far as the eye can see. Not that I’m complaining, snow + high heels aren’t exactly a match made in heaven and I’m not ready to change into flat boots just yet!

These leopard print Zara jeans are another pair I found during my Barcelona trip. The waist is a little too low for my taste, so I paired them with one of my boyfriends denim shirts, and voila, not even visible. They’re a whole lot of fun to play around with so you can definitely expect to see a lot more of these pants on the blog!

ZARA coat. ACNE denim shirt (boyfriends). ZARA leopard pants. DIN SKO shoes. KURT GEIGER clutch.


105 thoughts on “leopard pants

  1. how the f… do you mange to walk in shoes like this on stones like that whitout breaking any bones?
    :) am i that clumsy and everybody else have reflexes like cats?

  2. I dig the pants, but I would never wear them (I play it safe with pants), but the shirt/coat/bag combo? Super love.


  3. I love the mix of denim + leopard, it’s so stylish and chic. My gosh, I always read your blog and when I see those heels I die with envy because, they are gorgeous. I would love it if you checked out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.


  4. Great pairing the pants with denim- never would have thought.
    If you want snow, come up north- Ottawa (Canada) was hit with a winter storm yesterday.

  5. Those pants are super rad. The denim shirt with it is laid back and cool. Looove this look!


  6. Your boots are ultra cute too- love the bow in front it! Gorgeous clutch, love the central zip! xx from Australia!

  7. I also see this pants in Zara but finally doesn’t convince me. But they look perfect on you!
    How can I follow your blog, Carolina?

    Have a nice day (:

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