Photos, Mattias Swenson
Vintage Purple faux fur. American Apparel t-shirt. H&M leather pants. Forever 21 shoes. American Apparel Bag.

SUNNY. Looking at these pictures sure makes me miss the nice weather I enjoyed during my last three days in New York, it’s been snowing the entire day in Stockholm and going bare feet in a pair of heels would be suicide. However, I’m heading to Milan fashion week for a couple of days on friday and couldn’t be more excited! Not sure what to pack but all I can think of is color, color, color.

This American Apparel pouch is the latest addition to the non existing yellow section of my wardrobe, but I predict that it won’t be the last one. Love the contrast of bright yellow against the purple fur & the green nailpolish!

121 thoughts on “lemon/purple

  1. I love your shoes!! I saw some similar ones at New Look (since Forever 21 is out of my reach here in Belgium), but they sold out before I could get to them. Damnit! Cute clutch as well btw. Love the neon.

  2. That is an amazing fur coat miss!
    I love it, rocking the AA I see, I love them too
    I hope I can make it in their store this week and grab some new items, that clutch is to die for!


  3. I’m literally in LOVE with these photos! The fur jacket is amazing and I can’t stop dreaming about that bag!

  4. This whole look is amazing! Yellow/purple is such a great combo (see Balenciaga pre-fall). And it looks phenomenal on you! xx

  5. you look absolutely stunning! those F21 heels are crazy gorgeous and the rest of the outfit is perfect! You are so pretty ;)

  6. I wish I could pull off a bold red lip as well as you always do!
    Great photos!

  7. Awwww From here in New York onto Milan! Have fun! Wear blacks, purples, and greens! Great colors for time in Milan now.

  8. Hey,dear, would you please let me know where you got the clutch from? AA has it only in 3 colors and not in this amazing neon yellow… thank you!!!

  9. Frickys: Some stores have other colors, I bought mine in SoHo in New York and they had yellow, green, light pink and the three standard colors!

    SUNGLASSES – to everyone that has been asking about the sunglasses, I don’t know what brand it is but I bought them at Anthropologie!

    The lipstick is YSL rouge volupté 27

  10. I have to tell you that you are the most beauftiful blogger I have ever seen.

    I’m your fun definitely.

  11. It’s crazy I saw the first picture on Lookbook a few days ago and bookmarked it because I loved the colours. And now I found your blog by hance with the same picture, i’m really impressed !
    Take care, from France

  12. everyone is sporting those now! i really want one i just dont think ill like havign to carry it around like that. ill prbably have to look into adding a strap of some sort :)


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