Lemon, mint & liquorice

LOVE. Just a bunch of random things that brighten up my days!
Makes me think of lazy summer days, lemon trees & ocean waves.

H&M jacket. WERELSE x MANGO TOUCH heels. AMERICAN APPAREL clutch. KIEHLS deluxe hand & body lotion in “Coriander”. BALENCIAGA L’essence perfume. KIEHLS Creme de Corps. KAREN WALKER sunglasses. ZARA mint green sweater. ZARA yellow knit. LOOPY MANGO skull candle. ILLAMASQUA nailpolish. KIEHLS lipbalm in mint. NAILS INC nailpolish. H&M belt. COVER magazine.

172 thoughts on “Lemon, mint & liquorice

  1. ohh I love the sweater and the knit…perfect colors for spring and summer :)

    Wish you a nice day

  2. Delicious colour palette, so perfect for this warmer weather that’s sneaking through for me at the minute!! Amazing jacket!


  3. werelse&mango shoes :in zara are exactly the same ( shape , color, heel ) ; you’ve just changed color of heel, which is still quite transparent… not very creative , I suppose…

  4. WOWWWW!! I always love your composition!! I will be a good composor as you are, one day!
    Love this lemon color!





  5. Those heels are great! I need to shop more at H&M -great finds. I could use a little of that yellow to brighten some of this dark Seattle weather.. Enjoy your day!


  6. Ahh I have that Zara yellow knit too!! And I absolutely love it! Yellow clothes are so hard to find, which is too bad, because it’s my favorite color.
    I feel really fashionable because I own something you have to. Keep up the good work, I love fashionsquad!

  7. fabulous!
    I’m loving the sunglasses and that candle.. ok.. guess I like what is not pastel colored in the photo ha.. but it all looks cute..

  8. lana: I can see the resemblance but we actually designed this collection in the beginning of november and the zara shoes were only released a couple of weeks ago so there’s no way we could have gotten inspiration from them, I can assure you that it’s just a coincidence! Besides that, the shape of the heel and the shoe itself is different but it might be hard to tell from this picture :)

  9. I am in love with the Jacket, but i can’t find it anywhere here in Germany. Is it from the latest collection?

  10. I love absolutely all of these items ! Such a beautiful H&M jacket, unfortunately I haven’t found it in stores here yet

    new post on tripsandtreasures.net

  11. love this post and I’m absolutely in love with that jacket! do you know if it’s still available in stores. Haven’t seen it! :(

  12. the way you laid everything out is so adorable!
    not everything is the same color but somehow, everything flows and is cohesive

    seeing this makes me wish for summer….the days of sundresses, lemonade, and sitting by the poolside reading magazines :)

    the mint green zara sweater in the bottom left hand corner looks super cute!


  13. LOVE this pretty, fantastic and perfectly organized “pile”!!:) Beautiful things!!!


  14. LOVE this layout very much! i’ve been loving the way neon yellow and mint looks with black or neutral colors at the moment and you captured that in this photo! love everything!!


  15. This is the perfect color mix for the coming spring :), a fresh mix which announce the come back of colors !



  16. I have actually gone on a hunt for this jacket and can’t find it anywhere on the H&M website, wah, it’s so gorgeous

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