lazy sunday




Checked Shirt, Beyond Retro. Jeans, Cubus. Zipper boots, Minimarket. Bag, Miu Miu + the everyday jewelry.

CHECKED. Found this super soft checked shirt a couple of days ago at Beyond Retro and ended up wearing it basically the entire weekend. I love lazy sundays and dressing comfy.

29 thoughts on “lazy sunday

  1. I love the outfit, the shirt looks super comfy, and I adore your boots:-)

  2. oh you look so pretty here! i love your hair!
    great look, the zipper boots just give it the right edge!

  3. Looks like those jeans are the perfect pair and men I’m so jealous of those gorgeous shoes of you!

  4. Perfect plaid! It goes perfectly with your hair color. What camera do u use for these pics? Or are they “retouched” with Photoshop?

    Carola de

  5. Haha how weird, I had a post titled “Lazy Sunday” about a month ago & I was wearing a red plaid shirt also. I love your bag by the way

  6. I think your hair this long is perfect cause too long can kinda wear you out, BUT this long is fits your style perfect!

    just saying if you like it really long then ignore me, but i think it looks better this long! :D keep up the good work on the BLOGGING.

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