lazy summer mornings

summer mornings (via

Carolina Engman's Stockholm Apartment

Photos by Carolina Engman

VACATION. My stay in Stockholm has pretty much consisted of sleep, sun and the occasional swim, and I’m enjoying every second of it. Sweden has some pretty harsh winters, but nothing beats Scandinavian summers. There’s something so magical about those endless, warm summer nights when the sun barely has time to set before rising again! I’ve slipped into complete vacation mode today, and I think I might just stay in bed all day long..

64 thoughts on “lazy summer mornings

  1. so hard to resist sleeping in all day and just soaking in the vacation! hope you enjoy all of it! x

  2. So true!! I grew up in Norway and there is NOTHING like a scandinavian summer!!!!

  3. We just returned from vacation in Norway you describe the summer so nicely as we felt it
    I’d rather be back there then the hot . to hot in many ways summer in Israel

  4. Tänk att man ser de här bilderna och vet direkt att det är Sverige, så himla härligt. Längtar efter min semester till Stockholm också!

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