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WEEKEND. Ok yesterday was probably the last day of mild winter weather because today it’s absolutely freezing! Had to take my new gloves out for a spin yesterday and already love them! Decided to play around a bit with layers and textures and paired them with a cozy knit (bought it 3 sizes too big to get the perfect oversized fit) a mongolian fur vest, a cashmere beanie, simple black jeans and a patent clutch as the cherry on top! Pretty simple, but the different textures keeps it interesting. Tomorrow I’m going to hit the stores in search for a nice, warm winter jacket but I have a feeling that I’m going to fail miserably as always. Why is it so hard to find a jacket that can withstand scandinavian winters without making you look like an eskimo?

COS beanie, BIRD vest, H&M sweater, COS leather gloves, BIK BOK jeans, H&M patent clutch, DIN SKO boots.

107 thoughts on “layers/textures

  1. outfit is just perfect! its great when textures make sence, not colours))
    And also the second picture is so cool! You have such a beautiful smile why ure not smiling more on pics?)

  2. You look stunning and I adore the boots and gloves!. But I am freezing just seeing your bare arms :D
    Yes, the weather seems to have changed all over Europe, here in Germany it has been icy today. Brrr. Can’t wait for the spring to arrive!


  3. cute vest! i love that it goes into a grey colour at the trim :) Yup, London may not be as cold as scandinavia, but there are certainly days when i just have to wear my “duvet” coat & look like an eskimo ;)

    Katie x

  4. Oh pleaaaaaaaaase! If you find a suitable coat for Scandinavian winter, let us know. I have been searching for one for ages as well, but you can imagine how miserably I’ve failed too.

  5. Love this outfit! The fur vest adds so much texture. The gloves are an awesome way of adding warmth to the shorter sleeves, as well.

  6. Oh my this outfit is head to toe genius! I’m such a fan of the days when women would not leave the house without a pair of gloves. You should pioneer the movement to bring that back. You are a well dressed, classy lady my dear.

  7. Simple but beautifully done, all the textures are incredible. I love the knit and I love the mongolian fur vest even more!

  8. I know darling, the winter is here so better be lovin those gloves for a while:) Great outfit but mostly love the clutch, shoes and the vest. Sleep well….Hugs from Flutra

  9. I absolutely agree about the whole jacket predicament – the only ones that are warm and toasty are those big puffy ones that make me feel like I’m in kindergarten again.
    You look gorgeous, LOVING your layers!

  10. I am completaly in love with your outfit , long black gloves and that beige jacket are PERFECTION . You look allways so ethereal , just like a doll … so refined !

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