L’autre Chose


L’autre Chose bag & Anna-Karin Karlsson sunglasses.

THURSDAY. Just wanted to do a quick post with my new bag before I run off to grab some dinner. I’m visualizing it paired with sky high heels, flared pants, a white jacket, a gold mens watch & bright red lips. Maybe an outfit for tomorrow? ;)

76 thoughts on “L’autre Chose

  1. the mental image of the outfit is gonna be a knock out! Cant wait to see it

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  2. beautiful bag! probably will go with a lot of amazing outfits! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s look!

    love, selina

  3. I seriously felt in love with the bag :)
    on the online shop the bag only exists in ‘blue'; is this your bag or have you bought an other version, like black? I cant find a back version–

    thanks! :)

  4. That outfit sounds perfect! Flared jeans are definitely my favorites now, I love wearing them with heels and feeling tall :) And red lipstick is always a nice touch.

  5. Belle belle bellissima!!

    Love everything – the bag, the candle, the books!

    /Miranda Margareta

    Ps. Visit our blog which is full of inspiration and pretty clothes!

  6. Love this bag!! and ur blog to!!
    I made my blog for 3 weeks ago come in and see my styles to!

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