L’autre Chose Giveaway


GIVEAWAY. Remember that I told you that I had a little surprise for you the other day? Well, this month Fashionsquad.com celebrates it’s 5 year anniversary and together with Lindestore, I’m givning away this amazing L’autre Chose bag to one lucky reader!
All you need to do to enter the giveaway is:

1. Like Fashion Squad on Facebook

2. Subscribe to the Lindestore newsletter

3. Leave a comment with your facebook name + surname and your email address so that I can contact you if you win!

The competition is open for everyone and ends on Sunday May 1st, go go go!!


1,048 thoughts on “L’autre Chose Giveaway

  1. Lovely bag! I like on FB and subscribed to the newsletter. Facebook name is Falon Ha***y. Thanks for the chance!

    falongoesgreen @ gmail dot com

  2. what a lovely giveaway! adore your blog, i have been following you for the past couple years now !!

    facebook name: Remy R.
    Remington Rebeil for Lindestore subscription.
    email address: remyrebel@gmail.com


  3. Looooooooove you and love the bag!!
    My name is Sarah Prosperi in the FB!

    Thank you!!

  4. Love the bag, love the blog,

    fb name: Anne E.S

    my email adress was registered for you to see when I left this comment :)

  5. ohmygod its beautiful! i love it soooo much!
    Angela Ripolo (angela_ripolo@hotmail.com)

  6. I have been looking for the most simple black leather bag for ever, and this one is perfect :)

    Fb name; Stephanie van Dee
    Email; svandee@live.nl

  7. Name: Teddie Vidolova
    email: vteodora(at)hotmail(dot)com

  8. HOT Handbag!!
    I liked Fashion Squad on Facebook @ Kenya Guichard & subscribed to Lindestore newsletter

    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  9. Hi !! I really like all ur posts !!!
    This is an amazing giveaway and I hope I could win this very fashionable bag.

    kisses from Ecuador Southamerica

    Alisson Calucho
    e_mail: alis2mil6@msn.com

  10. Wow, that’s one super anniversary!!! Happy blog birthday :)
    FriChic Blog, Ivelina, frickys(at)gmail(dot)com

  11. Wooooow what a chance, I love this bag so much and Sunday is even my 21st Birthday :) Would be the best gift/surprise ever! My Birthday is very close to your Blogbirthday :)

    My Facebookname: Selina Ha
    Email Adress: selina.hangartner@gmail.com

    Love this bag and love your blog, you’re wonderful!

  12. You got to be kiddin me! Ever since i’ve seen your bag, I kinda dreamt of owning one myself. Please please please, I really want the bag. Snälla fina du! Din blogg äger ♥

    Jessica Jakobsson, jesswi@live.se

    And happy anniversary to your blog! xxxxxx

  13. Nice baaaag!
    my name is Alice Landi
    my mail: alice.landi@email.it

    this is my first comment on your blog carolina so i want you to say that i really like it and i love your style and especially your satchel bags! x

  14. loved this outfit!amazing!

    FB:rachel lin

  15. Facebook Name : Laura Bilea and the email adress above. Love the bag!

  16. I love you blog, even if I don’t really post many things, I read it everyday!! you are so amazing!! It’s really a wonderful giveaway!! Thanks ;)

  17. I love you blog, even if I don’t really post many things, I read it everyday!! you are so amazing!! It’s really a wonderful giveaway!! Thanks ;)

  18. Hi! your blog is a source of inspiration to me, continue :D
    the giveaway is just amazing !! thank you and happy birthday to Fashion Squad !!
    Everything is done, I am following you under the name of Constance Faso
    and my email address is constanceee@live.fr
    Lots of love xx

  19. absolutely love this bag. been trying to figure out how to afford it. would be amazing to win :) – andri

  20. OMG! That’s perfect!

    Natalia Dalbem

    nataliadalbem89 (at) yahoo (dot) com (dot) br

  21. Ce sac est vraiment très beau, le fait qu’il soit simple le rend très chic!
    J’aime beaucoup ton blog! Je suis fan de ton style!
    Sur Facebook: Marie SOLA
    E-mail: ptitemarie33@hotmail.fr

  22. Love the bag !!!!!!!!so chic!!!!
    Name:Lynn Wei

  23. Your blog is definitely one of my favourites! I can’t help but check it out every day. It’s inspiring to see someone with such a unique but defined personal aesthetic.
    Congratulations on the five years!
    Love Ana (all the way from Australia)
    PS.You can check out my fashion inspiration blog at notoneofus.blogspot.com :)

  24. Facebook name: Марина Матеева
    Email: marina.mateeva (at) gmail (dot) com

  25. Facebook name: Марина Матеева
    Email: marina.mateeva (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. congratulation for 5 years!!

    face book:Alice Huang


  27. Hi thanks for lovely giveaway amandarobertson on facebook – reluctant to put email address on open blog.

  28. Uhuuuuu….. This may be my Easter present! Thank youuuu!!! XXxxx

  29. Hi Carolina,
    congratulation of the 5th anniversary of The Fashion Squad!
    I love l’autre_chose and I think this giveaway is great!
    my facebook name: Turra Sara
    email: saradesign_86@yahoo.it

  30. I love the bag! It’s perfect for toting my stuff back and forth to work. Here’s my info on Facebook:

    Sarah Moran

    I liked you there and I subscribed to the newsletter!

  31. I L.O.V.E this bag! Goes with everything and exactly my style.

    I was thinking about buying a Maison Martin Margiela bag, but after seeing this one I got a new favorite!

  32. FB name: Sharon Ruud Bcn

    I L.O.V.E this bag! Goes with everything and exactly my style.

    I was thinking about buying a Maison Martin Margiela bag, but after seeing this one I got a new favorite!


  33. Hi! I already signed up for their newsletter, my fb name is Arianna Viaggi !
    Good luck everyone!!

  34. Hi,
    My name is Mirela Petre and my email address is mirela.petre [ at ] yahoo.com
    Great giveaway! :)


  35. Really beautiful!!
    cross fingers ;9

    Alice C. Aloisio on fb

    thank you!!

  36. awesome giveaway! My name in fb in FEDERICA DEGO, i hope to win this lovely bag. xoxo

  37. Liked on Facebook (Janene Scarborough)on facebook
    I subscribe to Lindestore newsletter also

  38. wowie!!
    yuki kuran
    irinasas at yahoo dot com
    i like u and subscrbie as well

  39. Hey! You have a great style, I recently discovered your blog but I really like it! I am Maria Giulia Franzoni on Facebook.Complimenti! xxx

  40. I “like” Fashion Squad on Facebook (catalina khalaj) and subscribe to the Lindestore newsletter. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

  41. LOVE this bag! it is The Perfect black tote~
    fb: Annika James Huish

  42. Congrats! Love the bag. Want it want it! I am Anna Carpenter, Los Angeles, CA on FaceBook.

  43. Happy Anniversary – Excellent Taste As Always…
    Springtime Regards, Carrie Lily Faith Mackin (FB ID)

  44. Love the bag! Did the required entries!
    FB Name – Dothy Ababon
    Email – dorothy(dot)ababon(at)yahoo(dot)com

  45. Fingers Crossed!
    FB Name: Paola Ca
    Email address: paola.canepa[at]gmail.com

  46. hi my name is Paola Benedetto and i hope to win :) u are so beautiful!!:) kiss:*

  47. This bag would look perfect in my spring wardrobe!
    Nice blog :)
    My fb name is Valentina Pravato

  48. Great Competition, have liked on Facebook and signed up to newsletter, good luck everyone:O)

  49. I must to win this fantastic shopper so I can give it to my girlfriend!!

  50. Would LOVE to win this beautiful bag! Wowie! I liked on facebook with my name (megan averbuch) and I also subscribed to your newsletter through my personal e-mail (averbuchm@gmail.com)
    Please choose me!! Such a cool giveaway! xoxo

  51. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your blog anniversary!

    I love the bag and the way you combine it! Really hope I’ll win ;)

    All the best for the future,

    Laura d’Aguiar

  52. You’re just so gosh darn adorable! Cheers to your cuteness!
    -Rachel Barker

  53. love the bag! AND ur chic outfit, i’ve been searching for a white blazer for a while now!
    – Michelle Kuliszkiewicz

  54. my name in facebook.on russian анастасия рылова-козловская. hope you understand)

  55. I am going to Paris in June and i think this bag needs to come too!

  56. Hello there,

    Following your blog all the way from sunny island Singapore!^^

    Done both ‘liking’ & subscribing

    FB Name: AlyELyse

    Cheers! :)

  57. yay, is it 5th anniversay already?! keep up the great work Carolina! seriously, over these 5 years in my opinion you became one of the most worth-following blogger. and what is important, you seem to be so kind and always optimistic. there are over 800 comments below this post and judging from my expierience in any kind of contests the only chance to see this bag is the picture on the website, but nevertheless, really love the way you mix clothes :)

    warm kisses from the other site of Baltic,
    your Polish follower ;-)

    facebook: Aleksandra Stachowicz
    e-mail: aleksandra.stachowicz@hotmail.com
    name: Aleksandra Stachowicz

  58. Been looking for a bag like this for sometime and must say that this one is nearest to perfection, just sooo beautiful!! Your blog is very inspiring and found it just some time ago, i keep coming back :)

  59. fb fan / ana amanti
    lindestore subscriber through gmail
    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  60. Been looking for a bag like this for sometime and must say that this one is nearest to perfection, just sooo beautiful!! Your blog is very inspiring and found it just some time ago, i keep coming back :)

  61. I believe I liked you under my Facebook page, thereafterish., but my Facebook name is Mae Luzod.
    Surname: Luzod
    contact: maeko_ish{atttt}yahoo{dotttt}com

    Thanks for hosting!
    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  62. FB Name – Benilda Quimson
    email – benilda(dot)quimson(at)gmail(dot)com

  63. wow i simply want this bag :)!


    I really enjoy your minimalistic outfits, because it’s closer to my personal style, but I admire your ability to mix some boho, flare and a little vintage elements.

    cheers form Poland xx


  64. Your outfit looks simple but very elegant as usual I totally love it, and I definitely love your blog,you’re such an inspiration,very beautiful model (:

  65. Most excellent!
    FB Name: Wendy Hadley
    email: spamalot at iconnu dot com

  66. “Prairy Muanprae F” for facebook name
    and “tur_nep@hotmail.com” as my email

    really lov ur style and the way u match
    u inspried me alot
    and am ur big fanfor many yrs ago
    <3 xoxo

  67. youre amazing, and i really want to die for this bright yellow bag. The shoes are already mine :P
    your blog is so esthetic lady…hope you keep on blogging for life :)
    Lisa-Marie Mewes: facebook name
    email: Lisa-mariella@live.de

  68. How fantastic idea!!!! Great bag ♡♡♡

  69. How fantastic idea!!!! Great bag ♡♡♡

    Veronika Čikeš fb name

  70. Sorry for the 3 posts but something went wrong… :)
    How fantastic idea!!!! Great bag ♡♡♡
    Veronika Čikeš fb name

  71. i love your sense of fashion
    it truly inspires me. :)
    Micaela Dixon: facebook name
    email : micaelarules@hotmail.com
    it doesn’t like i’m full of myself.. i just couldn’t think of any other name :p

  72. Yvonne Michail

    The bag totally fits my style & wardrobe!
    Hope I win! ;)

  73. i love reading your blog!!!! keep up the good work and more power! . . . i hope i get the bag!

  74. The Bag is the most amazing and I hope to win it this time!
    Wish me luck xx

    Best regards from Inga ;)

  75. Amy LeBlanc

    Love your blog! Hope you win the Mango competition!

  76. Fantastic giveaway! That bag is gorgeous!
    Facebook: Aly Klausmeier
    Email: browniesandbows(at)live(dot)com

  77. Love the giveaway! and Most of all! Your Blog!! =D

    Can’ t wait to get my hands on thoes fluorescent Cambridge Satchel! I’ve been on a hunt lately for that satchel! Hopefully, I will find it! And also this L’Autre Chose Bag!

    Fb: Angela Chan
    Email: liltommy_106chan@hotmail.com

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