Tee, LUCYD ACYD. Jeans, Gina Tricot. Shoes, Sam Edelman. Bag, Miu Miu. Rings, H&M.

WASH. Since I’m the world’s biggest procrastinator, doing laundry is something I postpone
for as long as possible.Luckily enough this rad LUCYD-ACYD tee came in the mail
just when I had run out of clean clothes. Thanks Min!

69 thoughts on “laundry

  1. Du har väl helt seriöst inte en hello kitty-tatuering på handleden?

  2. AHHH… you have the shoes. THE shoes. So amazing, your whole outfit is amazing. Du ar otroligt vacker.


  3. beautiful!
    your outfits are always so perfect.
    and i adore that hello kitty temporary tatt!

  4. Great combination, specially when seen on that first picture!
    Love how you’ve been working those shoes in the posts you’ve shown!

  5. first I thought you had your cat on your arm on Pic 1 :p

    the pictures are very good
    lafille from belgium

  6. I spy hello kitty! :**) Haha! I looove it! Amazing outfit, and you are beautiful, as always.

  7. oh, this kitty…when did you do this? aren’t you already ashamed of it?
    sorry, i think it’s wrong. but your outfit’s great as always.

  8. Love the choice of setting and how well the outfit matches it! It seems like a lot of thought was put into the shoot! Well done!

  9. is that your natural hair colour?and what camera do you use?love your style btw!

  10. You’re possibly the first woman to make doing laundry absolutely sexy and glamorous. Kudos!
    Twitter: @thefashionotes

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