Last Night


Picture,Viktor MÃ¥rtensson/stureplan

WEDNESDAY. Went to the premier of my best friends new club with my boyfriend last night and had so much fun! I’ll try to upload a better picture of the outfit as soon as I find my camera. Oh, and I definitely need to wear that vintage lace jacket more.

13 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. White/cream lace+Shoulder Pads= Amazing.

    I need to acquire such a piece. Where did you get it? Say eBay…it will provide me with some form of hope….

    Emily x

  2. All i can say- congratulations. I wish myself luck in my quest. I’ll be thanking you on the blog if the moment comes, when i too, wear the lace ‘n’ shpads (shoulder pads, of course) :) xxx

  3. That is a gorgeous vintage jacket.
    I wish we had thrift stores or vintage shops in Egypt.

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