last minute


Me, Chiara and Andy at the Bloglovin’ awards earlier this year

MILAN. Right now: Last minute packing as usual, in 2 hours I’m off to the airport to go Milan to work on the secret project I’m doing with these two lovely ladies, can’t wait to tell you more! Now, let’s all pray that I don’t miss my flight, see you in Milan guys!

60 thoughts on “last minute

  1. that photo just screams “girls just wanna have fun!”
    goodluck! can’t wait to hear more about this project! :)

  2. Ahh so jealous that you get to go to Milano! Have a fabulous time on this “secret project” of yours… tell Chiara hello!

  3. Cute picture ! Wonderful ladies ! I follow all of you haha :) Xx nadine from

  4. Hur redigerer du bildene dine slik som dette? Altså polaroidramme? Det er så fint!
    Elsker stilen din, og bloggen din är bäst!

    Kram, Kaja Petrusson

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