Last day in paradise


LOVE. Here’s another post card from lovely Italy! We spent our last day at Lago di Garda hanging out on this beautiful beach and swimming in the refreshing, crystal clear water next to the house we stayed at. I feel so relaxed after these days by the lake and I’m going to miss this place so much!

But, at least we’re not leaving Italy yet! Me and Mattias were originally supposed to go back to Stockholm yesterday but decided to elongate our stay in Italy with 10 wonderful days filled with fun adventures and pasta!

Right now we’re staying in Mattias uncles beautiful summer house just outside of Rome and tomorrow our journey continues to another amazing place in Italy.. any guesses? ;)









Stylestalker dress. Zara heels. Hermés bracelet.

155 thoughts on “Last day in paradise

  1. This is sooo cute! Love that dress. I just hoped you would mention the terrible news in Norway in this post.

  2. Oh wow, so beautiful. The dress is lovely, especially the pleats and the cut out bits. Bit of bare skin in the Italian sunshine never did anyone any harm. Would love to be spending my summer on a beach like that. Jealous!

  3. You’re so beautiful! I’m looking for these heels, now I think I’ll never find them. And this dress is soo beautiful!

  4. That dress is simply gorgeous! I adore the subtlety of it and the color…amazing :D Have fun in Italy!

  5. Beautiful dress! I love the pleats! It’s a great inspiration piece for me, ’cause I couldn’t wear it in my daily life with how it’s cut on the torso, but definitely will be inspired by the look! With a little one I have to be careful about what I wear or lots more of me will be showing ;)
    Follow me if you aren’t already ;)

  6. OMG, I’m so in love with this look! Amazing dress!

  7. your dress is absolutely stunning! i actually said ‘wow’ out loud when i opened the page haha. you’re so lucky to have such wonderful holidays!! it looks so beautiful!
    january, x

  8. Could you tell me what’s the name model of your sunglasses in previous post? The brand is morgan, right? Kisses.

  9. You’re very beautiful! Love the dress *.*
    I hope you will come to Salento, in the South of Italy, where I live.
    We have the best beaches and food ever!
    Enjoy Italy =)

  10. Hi, love the look…unfortunately i am not able to get the shoes…been trying since ages…where is the dress from??

  11. Wauw, you are SO LUCKY :) ! Love your outfit, beautiful dress and those shoes are magnificent !


  12. Oh what great photos! You look like a dream dear!!!!!! That little dress and those perfect shoes…

  13. I’m from Italy and there are soo many beautiful places to visit! I know you haven’t much time but you must visit Tuscany, Sicily and other places as well. I suggest you also Venice if you’ve never been there! I’m from Calabria and we have nice landscape here, you should come to Tropea! (: Anyway I’m curious to see where you are spending your next italian days! Have fun, you’re beautiful as usual!

  14. is that the stylestalker dress from the new young hollywood collection?! it looks beautiful on you, i need it in my closet!


  15. Love your silverish heels! So modern, feminine, matches with anything, anywhere!
    Inspires :)!!

  16. Two words: Incredible shoes.

    I truly can’t say enough good things about your blog. Lovelovelove.


  17. such beautiful photos- i adore the silver, the dress and how dreamy you look by the sea. An extended stay- sounds incredible I cant wait to see and hear more.Katie.xx
    fashion clocked

  18. Oh I just love that Stylestalker dress!!! It’s amazing and I see you love those silver Zara heels too! :-)
    I bought them a few weeks ago myself and I can’t stop wearing them, although mine are a size too small. :-(
    Love the blog, as always!!!


  19. Åh, jag hoppas innerligt att du läser alla kommentarer – även om denna går i stil med föregående. Fantastiskt fin klänning, du är verkligen vacker! Vad jag saknar di Garda när jag ser detta! Superblogg, och jag är kräsen <3 – Michaela

  20. Hi, beautiful photo.
    I want to know the clutch leopard of zara is the new collection?

  21. Photo #2 looks like straight out of a magazine, or a campaign.. Good job!

  22. loove the dress, you look like tinker bell, but in baby blue instead of green :) love it. xx M

  23. So beautiful, I absolutely adore this dress. I think I should definitely get something from Stylestalker, everything I see from them is amazing.

    Great blog :)


  24. Love, love, love this whole look! The nude underlay on that stylestalker dress is super sexy, and long, natural hair is definitely IT right now. We have to know too: WHAT is she wearing on her lips? Love!


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