Lady in red



RED. Celebrating that spring has finally arrived to Stockholm by putting on my red spring coat!
Still pretty cold outside, but at least the sun is shining! ;)







Pennyblack coat. COS blouse. H&M lather pants. Zara Shoes. Céline Bag. H&M Sunnies.

134 thoughts on “Lady in red

  1. ofta ni har vår i stckhlm o vi i helsingfors har ennu kall kall vinter :(( men en sockersöt outfit tjejen, perfekt helt enkelt! <3

  2. Awesome look! I love the red jacket with your pink blouse:) Also those shades are GREAT!

  3. New Fan!

    I ran into your blog accidentally as I was browsing through the American Apparel website, in which you are linked:

    I have never followed a fashion blog before, but suddenly I am hooked to this one! Congrats on doing such a fantastic job with this site. I love this outfit above, especially the Zara shoes. I’m also amazed how this style seems to differ so much from the New York ensemble you posted a few days ago. You really have a talent for creating unique looks – it is truly inspiring. Thank you for blogging!

  4. I had to check twice, I couldn’t believe your shoes are by Zara!! So incredible!! And the Céline bag… *-* But then, Céline is Céline. You look truly beautiful as always, Carolina!! :D

  5. Gillar verkligen klädvalet! Så himla fint att det blev Veckans Styling hos mig! Lånade en av bilderna till inlägget, om det inte är okej så är det bara att maila mig så tar jag bort den.

  6. seriously, why do you always carry your bag like such a snob??? stop it!

  7. lovely !
    how did you start doing your styling ?
    how did you become a fashion editor ?

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