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Lace Dress, Vintage. Hat, H&M.

LACE. Hi guys, I’m home again after 5 days filled with hard work and lot’s of fun! As those of you who follow me on twitter already know, we ended up road tripping in a super old hippie motorhome to shoot around San Diego since the sun didn’t want to come out and play in LA. Had soo much fun and miss the entire crew deeply!

I Found this amazing 70’s inspired lace dress a couple of days before I went to LA and fell head over heels in love! I had this romantic vision of wearing it for a long walk on the beach, barefoot of course, with the wind in my hair and the sun kissing my face. Obviously, that didn’t happen.

For the last photo shoot I wore these gorgeous feather lashes, which I thought looked pretty awesome with my lace dress. So when I got back to the hotel room at 2am (4 hours before I was supposed to be at the airport) I had to snap a bunch of pictures!

96 thoughts on “lace mania

  1. Thats funny that you came down to SD to shoot because the sun was being quite fussy down here too!! Unless you made it just before the big “storm” we had ahaha hope you enjoyed it here though!

  2. Such a beautiful dress, and the eyelashes and the makeup and the hair, perfect.


  3. i love the whole look. but what eyeshadow are you wearing? its really pretty :) thanks.

  4. aw beautiful! It’s probably you didn’t come to LA because it was pouring rain for a week straight!

  5. That dress is just the ultimate lace dress. The most gorgeous one I’ve ever seen… Love love love it!
    Merry Christmas!


  6. I’m in love with this kind of dresses! I found one in a vintage store..but was too big (huge!) for me!
    Lovely combination with the false lashes :)

    XX, Núria

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