carolina engman - gant lace top and shortsPicture by Mattias Swenson

LAST WEEK. Since it’s pouring down outside, here’s a picture we shot last week.
How lovely is this midnight blue lace top + shorts set?!

LACE TOP + SHORTS Gant. BAG CH Carolina Herrera. EARRINGS Anton Heunis. CUFF Fashionsquad x Cooee.

115 thoughts on “lace

  1. You look fabulous ! Love the bag !

    XX Luba 

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  2. Aw, I was actually a bit disappointed at this post because after the first picture I expected more pictures or at least a longer story – one picture (even though it’s beautiful) and 2 sentences really don’t work for me, it’s not the best way for followers to “live” into the post, let themselves be carried away. But hey, you are still beautiful and I hope to see some longer posts in the future :)

    Much love to you,

  3. I assumed you are wearing dress… Both shorts and top look so pretty with your red lipstick and red bag:-)


  4. You look gorgeous–like a model straight out of an advertisement. The black lace and nude contrast is really sexy!


  5. Where did you buy the bag. I’m really interested in that but I cannot find any website that sells it online. So sad :(

  6. Superhot outfit! And Carolina you really rock this red lipstick!! Where is it from?

    xx, V

  7. What a breathtaking outfit! I really love what a contrast there is between the beautiful red bag and this gorgeous lace dress!! wow

    Andrea xx

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