Behind the scenes snap from last time in LA. Picture by Mattias Swenson.

LA. I’m going back to LA tomorrow for a couple of photo shoots and for once, I’ve actually managed to pack everything in time. I’m bringing my computer so I will try to post a bunch of pictures when I have time.

My flight leaves at 05.50 am tomorrow so now it’s time to get some beauty sleep! See you in LA!

60 thoughts on “LA

  1. What an amazing outfit ! Such colors… It seems to me that this look fits perfectly for the ‘LA style’ although I’ve actually never been there haha ! Anyways, you look stunning, as always :)

  2. Am truely obsessed with your skirt, and that neclace seems as if its just meant to be with it;i guess it comes in a package then?…or you’re just freakisly good at pairing skirts and neclaces? Which ever it may be, i still love love LOVE the outfit…cant wait for more photos! X Neda X

  3. Make sure to consider my suggestions from your last Los Angeles bound post! We’re having beautiful periods of the brightest sunshine, without the scorching temperatures! It feels like Spring, and it’s absolutely gorgeous – bon journee!

  4. LA is gorgeous right now and it’s going to be even warmer for the weekend. It’s like warm spring weather right now. You can even go to the beach. Blue skies, clear, and warm. Welcome to my hometown. :)

  5. You’re gonna have so much fun, the weather is GORGEOUS right now here in LA!


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