Hat, Zara (mens department). Kimono, Vintage. Jeans, Bik Bok. Top, Whyred. Bag, Miu Miu.

LOVE. Ever since I got the black/gold patterned kimono at the flea market in San Francisco, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Kimonos. I found this one in a vintage store in Santa Cruz for $18 and obviously had to get it. Love the color and the pattern!

51 thoughts on “kimono

  1. completely gorgeous- im forever on the hunt and they really arent easy to come by! I had a beautiful pale blue one that had a nasty accident with an iron- whoops! You look stunning!xxx
    fashion clocked

  2. I’ve always loved your style! Who knows you can turn something so traditional into something edgy?! :)

  3. LOL, After I saw YOU in that Kimono you got in SF, I felt like I had to get one too. Got a great one at a festival in Gilroy. They fit so well and look bohemian like on.

  4. Love the colour

    xx Black Adder Fashion

  5. I adore this look. The colours work so well together and it looks so comfortable.
    You have a new follower! =)
    Take a look at my blog?

    Love, Nicky

  6. where’d you get your leopard flats! i have a pair but they’re like, 5+ years old and I’m in serious need of a replacement pair! love yours!

  7. Hi:) this post is more beautiful!!!
    i love kimono!!! wow!!

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  8. what an amazing outfit! i love how the print of the jacket works so well with the leopard flats.

  9. This kimono looks lovely, with the golden pattern on green. You remind me of Kirsten Dunst in Spiderman. Your kimono is a bit short though.

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