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RED. I have a major girl crush on the gorgeous model Judith Bedard at the moment,
check out her thread at tfs and you’ll understand what I mean!

I’ve been thinking about dying my hair red for a couple of months now and
this shade is exactly what I would go for if I had the guts..

29 thoughts on “Judith Bedard

  1. Go for it, dye it red! I’d love to dye my hair that colour too, but I always get frustrated when my roots begin to grow through.

  2. she is so cute!! as for the hair dye: i’d say no. i tried exactly that a few months back & believe me, it was a disaster. red hair gets old pretty quickly & you’ll be longing to have your old colour back in no time! i can be wrong, of course, but this is my personal experience!

  3. i would say no. i used to do mine red and my hair dresser always tells me that it is the worst thing you can do to your hair. unlike brown, you will never really get rid of it, even if it was semi-permanent. no matter how many times you dye over the top it will still be there! i still have bits in mine from years ago! it would look great, but unless you want it for a very long time, don’t!

  4. Oh wow that is a very cool shade of red. It looks great on her.
    She really is beautiful, kinda reminds me a bit of Abbey Lee. =)

  5. I love her shade of red, not mine. Mine is to orange/brown… It’s much lighter than Judith’s, but it isn’t orange still… mine is just weird, but it’s natural.

  6. I know, I have been jonesing for red hair the last few weeks too! It seems so fresh and pretty at the moment

    x rosie

  7. she is amazingingly beautiful and I adore red hair. I would say just dye it, because it’s just hair and I think it would look amazing!!

  8. I’ve been thinking about dying my hair red for about 4 years now but never had the guts to do so. I really wish I’d try it out some time, it’s just that I tend to have red cheeks so I’m kind of scared that they would pop out even more with the red hair and you can’t go back to blond.

    Nonetheless I’ve even asked my hairdresser which red she would dye me and she said that I’d definitely need some brown in it (I’ve always thought I’d go for strawberryblond) and now I’m actually considering a red like this.
    But in the end I’ll just be too scared anyways.

    I adore your shade of blond since it’s very natural yet shiny but red would definitely look interesting on you! But overthink it well I’d say since there isn’t really a going back :/

  9. Jag gick från “tokblondin” till brunett till kastanj med röda toner – och har aldrig varit så nöjd med mitt hår som nu. Känns det för vågat, testa röda toner först – även om jag är övertygad om att du kommer rocka som rödtott!

  10. that’s the same color hair i have, i progressively worked up to a more natural red. it can be a lotta look on a regular occasion

  11. Baaaaaabe!….do it! It’s just hair. you look GREAT as a blonde, but would look equally as beautiful as a red head! I say do it, do it, do it!
    Good Luck!

  12. oh my goodness, her hair! She is so absolutely stunning! I love her eyes with her haircolor. Makes them much more intense than they already are. So beautiful. I would have a girl crush as well.

  13. I did it! You can see my colour on my blog, but it’s much more vivid in person.

    I have naturally brown hair, so it would be easier a blonde like you to get a nice shade of red. Just make sure you ask for copper (orange) colour rather than red (with more pink in it.) But beware: one you go red, you’re stuck with it for quite a while!

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