Photos by Mattias Swenson

MAKEUP. I got lots of questions about the nailpolish + lipstick I used in the pictures from last Sunday so I thought I’d do a post about it. The lipstick is an amazing red shade from YSL called Rouge Volupté 17 and the nailpolish is from Isadora in the color 704 Jaded!

82 thoughts on “Jaded

  1. It’s the absolutely most perfect shade for you. Hopefully if you have time after NYFW you can share some tips to find the perfect color (I’m Chinese by the way)?

  2. Carolina, you’re perfect ;) I follow your blog, it’s one of the best I follow. You’re simply amazing, blonde and beautiful! Above all I love so so so much your photos! You rule fashion world ^.^

    Valentina – from Italy.

  3. Hi,

    Love the color of the nail polish! I absolutely want it. And you are so adorable! Gorgeous. I love your blog, you are such an inspiration! I know you have inspired many girls for sure. You are just so amazing.


  4. Jade is the new black… or red… or… anyways, I love the colour and I am happy seeing you wearing it, cause I can proudly tell that I ordered a jade O.P.I yesterday!!

    Enjoy NY

    xo thefashionguitar

  5. You look gorgeous! I love the shade of green and that fiery red lipstick has me yearning for that lipstick!

  6. I love green nail polish. I have a similar color from Urban that I’m obsessed with. Although I have to say that I’m definitely loving the sea-foam green color now…

  7. The color contrast is to die for!! Its so perfect and looks amazing with the tan outfit you put together the other day!!

  8. im sorry but that nailpolish is ugly, and your hands are not pretty either so thats not a good combo

  9. Love this! You’re lookin great and your style is just amazing. Casual, stylish, trendy yet “I don’t care so much about fashion cause I have my own style” And I love your blog! Don’t ever stop blogging!

  10. I love your style, because it’s elegant but still edgy. Very inspiring. I have the same nail polish but I am not as beautiful as you are.

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