38 thoughts on “Jacquemus Coat

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  2. Hi Carolina,
    I feel that you only post when you have something sponsored to show.
    This is not even a proper outfit post, just 2 photos that may have even be taken with a phone.
    There is no thought, or quality on your blog anymore.
    Feels that you abandoned your site.
    You blog for yourself not for your readers (which is good). However you should keep in mind the people who read your posts.
    If the post doesn’t add any value to your readers then don’t upload it.

  3. It’s a bit too big for you….I think this cut’ll dwarf small people and enlarge big people, unfortunately.

  4. Stella:

    Sorry to hear that you feel that way, but I think your critique is extremely unfair. I take a lot of pride in the work I do on on my blog and I can assure you that I have not ”abandoned” the blog. The past couple of months have been insanely stressful for me as I have moved from one continent to another, renovated my new apartment all whilst juggling collaborations, consulting for brands and working on my blog.

    There will definitely be sponsored posts on my blog because that’s how I make money to pay for rent etc. but the majority of my posts are NOT sponsored. I have devoted almost 10 years to this blog and of course there will always be ups & downs when you have blogged for nearly a decade, but to say that there is no thought or quality on my blog is just plain mean. Hope you have a great day, you successfully ruined mine!

  5. You look absolutely stunning! This coat looks great on you and I love the color of it. By the way I think your pictures are incredible and very good quality. Just keep in mind that you cannot please everybody but you still have many fans. Have a fabulous day and stay positive throughout any stress that you endure. You are amazing!

  6. Malu: You are totally right, pleasing everyone = mission impossible. I usually try to brush negative comments off, but at the end of the day I’m just human and sometimes they really get to me :/ Anyway, thanks for your sweet comment and have a lovely day! <3

  7. L: I’m 171 cm and I bought them one size too big to get them a bit more “loose” (size 38), but if you want them more fitted I would suggest you get the size you normally wear! :)

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  9. Hi Carolina! As a long time reader, I just want to give you some encouragement. Life happens and while your posting may have lessened, your personal style and quality of work have always remained at a high standard. You have lovely taste and thank you for sharing that with us!

    xo, Carolyn

  10. Carolyn: Thank you so much for your sweet words, it means a lot to me! <3

  11. The critics you received are unfair since your posts are always classy and since it’s pretty clear you pay a lot of attention in your outfits and apartment! For sure I hope you will post a bit more often (when things will calm down!)…since your blog is one of my favourites :-)

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