42 thoughts on “iwantfallnow

  1. I definitely agree…dressing for fall is much more exciting! Always love the beanie….adorable.

  2. I KNOW! just right now i’m wearing smth that is way to worm for summer….but it’s a price to pay for a good outfit!

  3. You are amazing. Everything you wear is perfection. Love ittttt <3 Pls visit my blog! xo

  4. this is perfect!! ahh i want fall to come more than i really want to admit. fashion-wise, at least.

  5. fucking hell, yes. this is what i’ve been saying for weeks. can’t wait.
    you look lovely.



  6. Hei:)
    kan du svare meg på om Scorett sender sko til Norge? De er sinnsykt fine, men jeg bor jo i norge:(

  7. I adore this outfit and NEEEEEED those shoes. I’m going to Sweden in a few days and looked up the addresses of all of the Scorett stores in Stockholm but I don’t have the slightest idea which is closest to where I’m staying. Any idea’s on a shop that is in and or around Gamla Stan? I would REALLY appreciate it, rather than me spending my entire trip wandering around aimlessly hoping to find it!


  8. Kristen: They don’t have a store in Gamla stan but they have one at Götgatan 78 in a shopping mall called “Skrapan” – it’s pretty close just take the metro from Gamla stan to Skanstull! :)

  9. skorna är galet snygga. ska kolla om de kommit ut i gbg än. har spanant in dem i flera månader!

  10. ahhh i love these shoes. i live in the US, is there any way i can order them?

  11. I see these shoes on many of blog, and I am in love with it. But I am in France and here I have no means to buy them!
    I am very very sad there.

    Scorett, come in France pleaaaaaaaaaaase !!!!

  12. Hello, I’m from Sweden. I must say that I really love your blog! :D :D You´re so beauteful! You´re a model ha? :D Take a look at my blog if you want to :) Love, olivia

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