Dress, Martin Lamothe/Pixiemarket. Head piece, made by myself.

LAMOTHE. I actually recieved this gorgeous Martin Lamothe dress over a week ago but thought that I would save it until my foot had healed so I could style it properly. But then I thought, what the hell, and had a pillow fight instead ;)
I’m obsessed with the awesome rope detail!

103 thoughts on “Ivory

  1. i cant believe you made that headpiece yourself, talented lady!! i can never get enough of your wallpaper and that dress is fabulous.. i havent seen anything like it!


  2. wow. loving the rope detail also.
    your hair and make-up is always so immaculate. you look amazing!
    also, i think i’m in love with your apartment… the wallpaper and chandelier are stunning.

  3. you look like a princess, a styling one, as usual!

    love from Portugal

  4. du ser ut som en alv som nyss hoppat ur en av sagan om ringen filmerna…. så otroligt vacker!

  5. love the dress great idea with the pillow fight because all the white is pretty… hope your heel is feeling better?

    Vi from Cali

  6. The dress with the red lips are the perfect pair. Your bedroom is so cute also:x


  7. Where did you get that wallpaper? I`m changing my bedroom and that is the idea I’ve been looking for a long time!!! I love it!!! I would be pleased if you can answer me this question, I think that your blog is marvy!

  8. these photos are soooo cute! this dress looks really great on you../
    ohh and i think you have the cutiest eyes ever!

  9. I love the two first pictures! You look beautiful.

    I´m from sweden and I read you´r blog almost every day:-)

  10. I love the innocent looks on you, mostly because you have this overall look of badass-meets-sweet-girl and it’s always hard for me to make up my mind about which to see. You rock!


  11. The homemade headpiece is so nifty and I’m absolutely in love with that magnolia print, is it wallpaper? Lovely.

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