Isabel Marant Scarlet boots

isabel marant scarlet boots

LOVE. I’ve been obsessed with these boots ever since I saw them strutting down the runway at Isabel Marant’s fw13 show, and last week I finally caved and bought them. So in love!

BOOTS Isabel Marant (here & here)

99 thoughts on “Isabel Marant Scarlet boots

  1. Wow! These boots are really amazing. With which clothes do you plan to combine them?
    We are waiting for you inside the boots :)

    Enjoy them!
    Dimitri Gee (

  2. Not a big fan of them. But i love how beautiful you made the picture. And all the little things around. Please do a closet showcase sometime.

  3. With all do respect, I’m not too sure how I feel about these boots. Many of my friends (whose opinions and tastes I hold in high regard!) have been lusting over these for months. I just feel like if they didn’t have the edge of Marant’s label in them, they would be found in a clearance aisle in middle America.

  4. Really nice shoes!

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  5. I was just drooling over these on net-a-porter yesterday, they’re so beautiful. Like a more elegant version of the wedge trainers. Very jealous – let’s hope the high street pulls out a decent copy soon, to cater to those of us with smaller budgets!

  6. not such a big fan of IM anymore! have the typical cowboy booties (beige and black)! worn them for like 5 times and the sole came off! the quality is just too bad!

  7. I love Isabel Marrant but she is so ludicrously expensive!! You are going to look FAB in these can’t wait for more pictures!

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