33 thoughts on “interview, march 10

  1. The shoes are much fun & very funny. I wonder who the photographer is… It is a novelty to see that the stylist is mentioned and not the photographer! Perhaps one day the stylists will be as famous as Herb Ritts, Irving Penn or Mario Testino (I doubt it, but who knows?).


  2. This picture is so subtle and feminine. I love it! Cats at the collar are amazing, and as for shoes, I love them too!

  3. These are beautiful! I love the beading and the pastel colours. And the shoes are really something.

  4. I love the new collection, the designs are amazing,
    plus the shoes are just wow.

    Theory of a fashion victim

  5. I think they hit the jackpot this time. This collection is tre tre magical! The crystals and the prints are amazing with their fabulous fabrics. Great blog.I’d love you visit my stuff too if it’s O.K :
    Hope you like

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I wish I looked like this today...
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