67 thoughts on “instaweek

  1. That photo of you at the window is insane. You should post a full size one it’s so beautiful!

  2. Great photos! Thank you for sharing. Love the cat eyes sunglasses and the fluffy clutch.

  3. i love instagram too – so addictive! lovely photos, you have such good taste in bags x

  4. Love the picture with the umbrella and the kitty sunnies
    Have a look on my blog

  5. kitty ears and the last pic


  6. I’m in Instacrazy myself. It’s quick and fun! Love all your pics, that fur clutch is super cool!

  7. It is so much fun using instagram, I love the pic of you in the head to toe white, looks beaut! x

  8. tell me about it, i LOVE instagram! (just posted a collection of some recent ones from a trip to lisbon :)

    Cute pic of you & the bf, last row, with your signature red lipstick :)

    Katie x

  9. Great photo’s, really like following you on instagram!

  10. I am a little scared of joining Instagram in the fear of starting to feel like I need to photograph everything and therefore will not be able to live my own life anymore..
    But I do love looking at other people’s pics! ;)

    Anneli x

  11. love this kind of posts! love your outfits! that furry bag is so cute!



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