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  1. I love looking at all these pictures. The only thing I felt eeeeky about was the first picture with the fur inside a clear clutch. It scared me a little haha, just a little :p

  2. Really gorgeous details and styles, completely puts my wardrobe to shame! The first bag is insane but I absolutely love it!


  3. I love how beanies are making a comeback. Casual clothes at fashion weeks in general are pretty awesome to see.

  4. so much funky fur craze going on!! <3
    the girl on the phone with her chanel boy bag is the one that catches my attention the most.
    she has such a cute style. and judging from the weather, it is so suitable =)

    Style Hostess

  5. hair hair and more hair!!!!! hahahhaa love it!

  6. heeey , i randomly got into your blog actually its like one of the best i saw in a last month and i do look at a lot of them:) It’s just weirdly kl how u sort out just the topics i like hahahah)) it was weird to se you guys discussing Miroslava, she is popular is from Russuia, so do i ) i never knew she is internationally popular) proud of our ladies, come to see my blog it will honestly be pleasure ( it’s not advertising lol) i would actually really like to hear your opinion about it xxx anneeeeeeet.blogspot.com

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