I’ll have a butterscotch sundae I guess..





Thrifted coat worn inside out. Bag, Tory Burch. Socks, old. Shirt Dress, American Apparel. Shoes, Park West.

HALLOWEEN. I’ve loved playing dress up since I was a kid so naturally, Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! This year I decided to channel one of my favorite movie characters, Margot Tenenbaum in a thrifted coat worn inside out since it was impossible to find a cheap faux fur.

My boyfriend went as Richie Tenenbaum and we got stopped on the street every 5 minutes by people who wanted a quick chat with “the Tenenbaums” – who knew these costumes would be such crowd pleasers?! If you haven’t seen The Royal Tenenbaums you’re in for a real treat, it’s one of my all time favorite movies!

104 thoughts on “I’ll have a butterscotch sundae I guess..

  1. This is probably that best costume idea. You really wore the costume well. I really thought it was picture of a scene in the movie.

  2. Ha love it. Nicole Richie did that too, which is funny not one I would think of too show up in multiple places, but eh it works both hers and yours looks.

  3. i agree it’s definitely one of my fave movies too! dark humor is the way to go! i saw a lot of margot costumes this year, but yours is definitely my fave! ahhaah and your jacket is inside outtt??? really? i would not have guessed!

  4. I’ve been planning to go as Margot FOREVER, but as you said, the faux fur coat is a real problem :/
    Lovely done! (:

  5. OMG. I was going to be Margot for Halloween but could not find the perfect coat! Great find and awesome costume :)


  6. I think the coat actually looks really awesome inside out!! Beautiful pictures. I will have to see that movie now! <3


  7. Gud, du är så himla lik Margo i The Royal Tenebaums här. Och det är ju toppen, för hon är nog ballast i världen.

  8. Fantastic! You’ve pulled her off perfectly…and it’s cool that you went around and took pictures at places featured in the movie! I love Wes Anderson!

  9. wow! I love this post! It´s one of the best I´ve seen in your blog! At first I even thought you were Margot :P

  10. I love your interpretation of the film… you even look like Margot Tenenbaum yourself! ;)

  11. I adore this costume! The fur jacket is an absolute perfect match AND your hair looks like it’s cut into that perfect Margot bob.

    I cannot express enough the wonderfulness of your costume. I’m officially jealous.

  12. You look like a butterscotch sundae :] That’s funny that people knew who you guys were dressed up as! I think that’s a great game to play on Halloween, to dress up as the most obscure character and see if people can guess it…

    I love how creative you are! I probably never would have thought to turn a coat inside out to create the perfect costume. Where are your boyfriend’s pictures? I want to see his costume, too!


  13. you totally pinned the Margot Tenenbaum look! I’m so eager to see a pic of both Tenenbaums together. This maybe one of the best Halloween outfits Ive seen.

    Aa a matter of fact, you should dress like this normally too! Way fun. ;)

  14. OK det här är verkligen fantastiskt! Det är så otroligt porträttlikt och jag älskar filmen och hennes karaktär. Att hon presenteras som den adopterade dottern och fortfarande smygröker. Kärlek! Och innovativt att vända kappan ut och in – märkte det inte ens!

  15. haha jeg tenkte du hadde latt deg inspirere veldig av the royal tenenbaums nå, koblet ikke med halloween ;P men ihvertfall så traff du spikeren på hodet med kostymet!

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