If you’re going to San Francisco..


Headband, vintage. Top, Vintage. Rings, H&M.

SAN FRANCISCO. I’ve been wanting to go to San Francisco for ages, and last week, I finally booked a flight! I’m beyond excited!!
Now I need all your awesome tips on where to eat, shop, have drinks etc. Any vintage/thrift stores or flee markets that I absolutely have to visit? Just drop a comment or send me an email at carolina@fashionsquad.com

If anyone has ideas on fun collaborations or wants to meet up, I’m totally up for that too!
I will be there from June 16th to July 16th!

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  1. I went a few years ago and a must is the cheesey bus tour around the city, we had a great tour guide and it was actually really good fun! Oh and don’t forget Alcatraz it’s amazing, you could get some awesome pics over there, make sure you book in advance though.

    Have fun!


  2. i know this isn’t fashion/san fran related but oh my god I LOVE THAT SOFA
    my dad used to have one but then my mother’s sister took it and it got rotten and they threw it away, with out him knowing, so now i can’t have that sofa when i move out. boo

  3. How exciting! hope you have a blast. sorry I don’t have any good tips for San F. never been there but only NYC. :)

  4. You HAVE to go to Tartine (http://www.tartinebakery.com/), which is one of the top bakeries in the nation, and get a morning bun. Go during a weekday if you can its less busy or just get there early.

    Go to Humphrey Slocombe (http://www.humphryslocombe.com/|_Home_|.html) for amazing ice cream and crazy flavors.

    For coffee, try Four Barrel (http://www.fourbarrelcoffee.com/) for good espresso drinks and a cool ambiance and also try Blue Bottle (http://bluebottlecoffee.net/) for the best coffee in the city.

    You must go to Golden Gate park, that’s a given, but if you have time go to Stern Grove it a beautiful park surrounded by trees.

    Have fun!

  5. Hello! I’ve been a reader of your blog for some time now and because I used to live in California, & have been to the San Francisco area many times, I figured I could give you some suggestions.

    A great restaurant to try out is called “Aziza” on 5800 Geary St. It’s a beautiful delicious Moroccan restaurant.

    Two awesome thrift stores: Wasteland – 1660 Haight St // Designer Consigner – 563 Sutter St

    An amazing art gallery with so much to see: The Artists Alley – 863 Mission Street

    Also, you MUST go to the beach. If you go to one in particular called “Ocean Beach” you’re allowed to start bonfires, it’s a very relaxing way to spend your evening.

    Hope that helps.

  6. Å San Fransisco är ljuvligt, var där 2 år sen! DU MÅSTE SHOPPA PÅ HEIGHT ASHBURY! Det är en gata med massor coola vintagebutiker, kolla t.ex. in Wasteland och Aardwarks. hoppas du har det superkul! xoxo Li

  7. i love SF, your going to have a blast!
    definetely check out villians on haight and ashbury!


  8. That’s awesome! I’m in SF for a month right now, interning at Gold & Citrus! Some tips:

    -If you like ice cream, go to BiRite Creamery at 3692 18th St, right next to Dolores Park, which you should also stop at!
    -If you want some authentic Chinese food, go to Sam Wo Restaurant. You have to walk through the kitchen to get to the seating, but it’s an awesome China Town experience.
    -For jewelry, art, and clothes, go to Wonderland. It is half art gallery and half boutique. It just opened and has all local artists and designers, including Gold & Citrus. It’s at 2929 24th St.
    -For a great flea market, go to the Alameda Flea Market. It’s across the bay, but since you’re here for a month you should go. It’s the first Sunday of every month, and you can find some great things there. We’re going this Sunday!
    -For great Italian sandwiches, go to Lucca Delicatessen at 2120 Chesnut St. Buy your sandwich and bring it over to the Palace of Fine Arts to eat!

    Hope that helps and have a great time in SF!

    <3 Jenny


  9. Awesome, you are going to LOVE San Fran!!! I recommend walking and cable cars to everywhere to really get the feel! Go to Haight/Ashbury and just walk the block. Wasteland is my favorite store there. Go to Amoeba records if you’re into vinyl. Across from there is stoner hill! The best park ever!! There a secret tea garden in the middle and just great scenery. Try and find the “Full House” house from the show. They have this awesome shoe plant display made of vintage shoes! Sorry for the long comment but you just have to get the full experience! You are going to cry when you leave! Everyone is so nice and loving, even the bums!!

  10. food in sf is always fun. hit up…

    cha cha cha – awesome sangria (there’s one in the mission or one on haight)

    random mexican places in the mission is always good

    shopping: a lot of awesome shops in haight

    if you’re up for a night out….

    milk – in haight – small but good. if you enjoy older hip hop music (90’s)

    supper club – beds galore to chill on

    for awesome music shows…

    the independent

    i hope you have an awesome trip!

  11. hey, you have to visit this great diner on 24th street (on the corner of york street), it’s called st. francis fountain and you’ll have the breakfast/lunch/brunch/whatever of your life! it’s an all-american traditional diner that also serves all sorts of home-made ice cream and milkshake flavors too. the restaurant is located in the mission which is a latin neighborhood that however has turned into a real hipster paradise haha. SO worth visiting…there are great small local designer stores too like on the same street.

    have great trip! i’m going back there in august.

    greetings from finland!


  12. Pretty much all the stores in Haight and Ashbury have awesome vintage
    I went two years ago and you couldnt get me on the plane to return
    i fell in love with that city, HARD


  13. I’ve always dreamed of going to San Francisco, I hope you have the most amazing time! You look gorgeous in these pictures, adore the headband!x

  14. go to hippie hill….its the best!
    there are normally some garage sales around there and i got an amazing maxi dress for 2 dollars!
    go to haight and ashbury…obviously!

    ahh so jealous..san fran is amazing!!

  15. You are going to LOVE IT. I’ve lived here for 10 years, and everyone, especially visitors from europe fall in love…. I will email you details!

  16. Im born and raised in San Francisco but now live in ny.
    Best burrito: cancun on mission and 18th,or pancho villa
    thrift and vintage stores: painted bird (in the mission, thrift town, mission thrift (AMAZING) on mission and 19th-20th.
    Boutiques: Dylan, Anica.
    Enjoy, san fran is beautiful! if you take any of my recommendations let me know what you think

  17. i have lived in sf for my entire life!
    so many good places to go.
    since you will be here on July 4th you should definitely go to the Alameda Flea Market. (happens the first week of every month) It is literally probably a square mile worth of booths from all around the bay area.
    Also Haight street has really great vintage stores and Valencia st. has a bunch of good food and thrift stores.
    Hayes valley is great too! You will have so much fun!

  18. I used to go to SF every summer- you will love it! There’s a bar at the top of the Bank of America building (or at least there was when I last went) that has the most amazing views of the city.
    Also if you can I’d book a trip to Monterey Bay…….it’s really well known for the aquarium and if you want to see some sea otters this is the place!
    Have a lovely trip xxx

  19. Amazing! I’ve got an exactly the same scarf (bought second hand) that u’re using as a headband in this photo! I wear it as a headband as well, or alternatively as a belt! I think it’s the most versatile accessory I own atm! :) Keep it going xxx

  20. Oh I’m jealous! One of my dreams is to go to San Francisco too.
    I’ll keep on reading you to see what you thought and show about it:))


  21. wasteland is awesome and its slightly touristy but you have to go to haight and ashbury and walk around there is an amazing goodwill down there and a thifood place that i ate at but can’t remember the name. definatly goldengate park and public transportation there is cheep is your on a budget like i was you can just go in the back door as long as the bus driver doesn’t get up your in the clear but if he does you betta book it!

  22. oh and definitly take a drive to carmel and big sur! amazing views and it will be fantastic weather also visit santa cruz its my all time favorite place!

  23. Hi! I am from Sf….

    – Dolores Park = the best place to go to on a sunny afternoon and lay out with a few bottles of Champagne
    – Kabuki cinema = this theater has a bar/serves food… so fun!
    – Matrix Filmore = cool lounge/bar
    – Ei Wear in Berkeley… amazing sunnies and eyeglasses, new + nice vintage selection too
    – ikes place= sandwiches that are so damn good!

  24. Awesome! Well you definitely have to go the Haight! Lot’s and lot’s of shops at your disposal! A mix of vintage/current. I think you’ll love it! Nob Hill is another area that has some great shops, more current than vintage, but still a cute area, especially around Union Street! And of course you have to go to Union Square, a bit touristy and super busy & crowded on weekends, but every visitor must go there at least once! It’s filled with all the traditional department stores, upscale & not so upscale. ;) Enjoy your visit! I hope you have an amazing time! Hopefully it’s clear skies and beautiful weather for you! (We are known for the occasional overcast)

  25. love ur blog and ur style! har följt bloggen ganska länge :)
    p.s är knuckleringen också från h&m? and if so när köpte du den? sjukt snygg! har letat efter sån hur länge som helst.

    keep up the good work!

  26. Look on blushingambition.blogspot.com for fab restaurants. Cycle over the golden gate bridge and go to the top of the DE Young museum in the lift (it is free) you get THE most amazing views of the city x

  27. red woods är helt fantastiskt, dit MÅSTE du åka! och alcatraz är riktigt coolt, och golden gate såklart men allt det där kanske är basic liksom:) hursomhelst, kör på red woods! du kommer inte ångra det!

  28. Love San Fran! It has a very relaxing atmosphere.

    Levi’s jeans comes from SF, and they have a huge store in the centre of SF.
    The jeans are really cheap, compared to the prices in Europe.

    Have fun!

  29. hey!
    i go to school in san francisco so i know some stuff…
    basically you MUST go to haight street, its such a tourist location and there are really cool stores like wastelands and buffalo exchange, and you must go to amoeba for the experience, also Ghirardelli square, BEST ice cream. Pier 39, which you probably know…. you should go to the academy of sciences, the de young and MOMA… and you MUST MUST MUST get tickets to Wicked. because it will be summer you should totally go to Santa Cruz if you can, its like two hours away and has a boardwalk and a really nice beach… also you should visit mill valley and sausalito, its adorable but kinda pricey. also for burritos, gordo is the best and pizza arizmendi. have fun!!!

  30. Welcome to SF!! You can’t go wrong with the food/restaurants here in SF, so here are some shopping tips (most importantly!!):

    Mercy Vintage: http://mercyvintage.com/ in Piedmont across the Bay but TOTALY worth the trip!
    American Rag: http://www.amrag.com/index2.html amazing vintage in the back of the store
    Gravel & Gold: http://gravelandgold.com/ in the “Mission” & amazing other boutiques, restaurants and bars close by
    La Rosa Vintage: on the famous Haight Street (a must see)

    The Bell Jar: http://www.belljarsf.com/
    Shotwell: http://www.shotwellsf.com/
    Acrimony: http://www.shopacrimony.com/
    The Blue Jeans Bar: http://www.thebluesjeanbar.com/

    Alameda Flea Market: http://www.antiquesbybay.com/ It happens the first Sunday of each month. Get there early and wear comfy shoes–it’s HUGE and fantastic.

    There is so much more—you’ll have a blast discovering them in different neighborhoods. ENJOY!!

    Erica & Lauren

  31. You will have a great time San Francisco is fantastic! I live about 15 mins out of the city, but whenever i travel into the city I make sure I visit union square, with the two story forever 21 and 4 story urban outfitters! Also you must visit cow hollow which has the CUTEST vintage and antiquish stores where you can find gorgeous accessories. Have a fun trip!

  32. ….be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!

    I’m going to San Francisco june 26 (I live in Norway) and me and my family is staying there for about a week before we are going to Las Vegas :)
    Maybe I’ll see you around..

    Have a nice trip!

  33. I am going to San Francisco too (in July at the beginning) so I searched for ‘going to San Francisco’ and found this site.

    I will have to save this page in the Favorites as I see there are many good tips.

  34. If you love ice cream definitly go to Humphry Slocombe (2790 Harrison St, San Francisco). They have such crazy flavors that sound weird but are actually great!

  35. I’ve lived in SF for 10 yrs and moved to LA. But, I LOVE LOVE SF!!!! Such a beautiful city and ppl are friendly. More European. I know a lot of great food, authentic, not touristy!

    Italian: La Ciccia (Sardinian food) amazing, I’m not talking spaghetti meatballs and stuff, they’re really different, can’t describe. The place is a bit hidden and rsvp recommended. Owned by Sardinian husband n wife.
    Pizza: Delfina pizzeria on Mission, don’t go to the Fillmore one.
    Vietnamese French: Slanted Door on Embarcadero building.
    Peruvian food, ceviche: Limon Rotisserie on South Van Ness (Mission area), get the halibut ceviche and roasted chicken.
    THIS ONE YOU MUST GO: THE HOUSE Restaurant in North Beach, oh my God….order the SEA BASS!!!! RSVP rec, you will die…the rest are really good, too.

    For night out: Pls check out Endup, Sat/Sunday night is mix gender club, they play house music (SF known for). Club Temple, Mighty, Harlot (lounge), Vessel (nice interior, but VIP ish sometimes): check the dates….I love house music, so these r the clubs that I go to. Some others are cheesy ones: Ruby Skye (don’t like the crowds), Fusion lounge (lots of young kids). Forgot the rest…

    Shopping: I used to like haight st, but not anymore…too hippie and homeless ppl. Must check out tho if you’re visiting. Fillmore st, Marina and Union Square. Some hot boutique like The Grocery Store (Comme de Garcon, Balenciaga, really unique high end brands and you have to ring the door to get in). One is on Sacramento st, the other one in Burlingame (20 mins from SF).

    Beaches: Stinson beach, Santa Cruz, Sausalito……….. SF known for nice panoramic views.

    Winery and tasting/food: Napa Valley, Calistoga

    Go to yelp.com for ratings on food, shops, salon, anything. :)))) You will have fun in SF. Don’t be fool by the Italian restaurants in Northbeach, they all sux and touristy. But, you can meet a lot of flirty Italian waiters. SF is always cold, foggy and cloudy. SO bring a lot of warm clothes, can’t really wear shorts n skirts there. And watch the up and down the hills. :)))

  36. I live in SF and it is truly the best city on earth. You should check out Haight Street for some good vintage and thrift stores. (Wasteland is an especially good store there.) Also Dolores Park is great for a picnic and some people watching. There are also good high-end shops Downtown and on Union street (Urban Outfitters, Aritzia, Bloomingdales, and many other stores.)
    I’m not sure about specific restaurants but Mitchell’s is the best ice cream place in the city. Also go to the Fillmore for some good concerts, bars, and restaurants. And definitely go to Golden Gate Park for some bike riding, walks, picture taking, and outside concerts and events. Have fun !

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