68 thoughts on “I wish I looked like this today…

  1. Garance Doré är bäst, alla kategorier!
    Skulle inte heller tacka nej till looken ovan, tänk när man slipper gå runt i jobbiga strumpor och tjocka koftor…

  2. i looooove the top. i can’t quite pull off the harem pants, but set inside a circle skirt it would be to die

  3. Me too! But I wish that it was warmer too, because it’s now too cold to wear this. However, the look is beautiful. Those trousers are to die for.

  4. S-U-P-E-R S-N-Y-G-G-T… måste verkligen sätta igång och skaffa mig några axel-markerande kläder… typ nu… :-)

  5. your blog is becoming increasingly generic whilst you have very few updates-didn’t your policy used to be quality over quantity..
    well, at the moment I see neither..

  6. Yes, I’ve seen the post about this girl on Garance Dore’s blog. She’s one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen in my whole life.

  7. måste ba berätta att ja såg din pojkvän i Costa rica när jag var där på en busstation i San Jose. Tyckte väl att ja kände igen honom:D

  8. i don’t think i could ever pull off that look :(
    i’m far too petite, however, it would look fabulous on someone like yourself.

  9. ughhhh, the very definition of effortless dressing. she looks like she rolled out of bed with her morning coffee looking that fabulous. i hate it.

    or i freaking love it, but you know.

  10. Du har utan tvekan en av de bästa bloggarna..

    men tyvärr inte just nu. Känns inte lönt att titta in eftersom du aldrig uppdaterar!

  11. I’d like to look the same as most of us, I read .
    Love your blog, check out mine
    lot’s of love


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