I stole these pictures

Photos: Maja Casablancas

MIAMI. I pretty much stole these pictures from Maja, but since it’s my bday she can’t be mad at me! Some random pictures of me + some backstage shots from the photoshoot (oh yes, there was a reason for my sudden escape to Miami).

The photoshoot was for Bik Bok’s spring/summer campaigns and some of the pictures will be out pretty soon. We had an amazing time and it was a pleasure working with photographer Isabel Watson, hair/make up artist Linda Wickmann and stylist Nina Granerød who are all super talented and gorgeous girls! You have no idea how much I miss the gang (and the sun!!) when I look at these pictures..

30 thoughts on “I stole these pictures

  1. You look gorgeous darling!! I bet the campaign pictures will look super nice!!

  2. Fan vad kul Carro!! Nu blir det väl till att spana in närmaste bik bok butik inom kort då, ha ha

  3. Love the pictures and can’t wait to see the campaign pictures.

    Happy Birthday, by the way! Hope you have a wonderful day, sweety ^o^

  4. don’t you just love miami…so trashy its cool!
    wow i’d love to be a model what a glamorous life! cant wait to see the pics!

  5. Grattis på födelsedagen söta tjej!!!! :) Puss Siri Petresonniiii!!!

  6. Happy Birthday!! That photo by the pool is just so beautiful! Can’t wait to see what the photoshoot turned out :)

  7. I love the pictures! you look great in them :) and the alexander wang bag is really cute too. i’m growing a liking to pastels more and more. haha

  8. Gratulerer med dagen!

    Du er søt (:


  9. vad spelar det för roll om du använder hennes bilder på din blogg? jag menar du och alla andra “modebloggare” “snor” ju bilder hela tiden, ibland utan att ens ange fotografen, märket etc..

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