16 thoughts on “I see a red door and I want to paint it black

  1. Det här gillar jag! Känns snyggt a la mc-brud/hårdrockare :) Vill gärna se en närmare bild på din ebayfyndade topp också! :)

  2. hi from Paris stylish lady

    as every saturday, i visit the web to discovered the best fashion blog
    and unfortunately, yours belong to them ! lol

    it’s 2 pm here in Paris and i plan a great day of street style shooting in the streets of Paris.
    Summer is beautiful in Paris.
    Have you seen the amazing styles i shooted this week ?
    I am sure you’ll find lots of inspiration.

    i’ll be glad to keep in touch, drink wine, switch links ! lol

    i wish you a great day !

    cheers from Paris


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