22 thoughts on ““I need a break and I need a vacation, take me away from the civilisation”

  1. Hehehe… I got fired last week. Sooo – lets say I have holidays right now. Of course – my pride is shattered and I fell bad – but… I AM FREEEEE! AT LAST:)

  2. Hej! Vanligaste frågan här :P Men vad är det du jobbar som? Modell vet jag ju, för det ser jag :) Men tänkte du är ju ung, och gör ju ganska spännande grejer!

    xo Jacqii

  3. Oh I could use a vacation, but I’m the kind of girl that looks forward to a holiday right after returning from one. I was born with a travel bug…….. but I just love it! It’s so nice to get away from the world. When I can’t vacation, I create my own vacation… to my own room, with my own music, with my own paint, or clothes, or anything… I just sit in there and try to feel and create magic.

    Love your blog as always. I’m always drooling for the pictures and words you post.

    Talk to you soon!

  4. love that suitcase image and comparison to Monday (I honestly hate Mondays, whether I have work, school or nothing at all- dread the M-day. Blah!) :/


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