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TUESDAY. Stockholm was almost remiscent of LA yesterday, outside! Wore a black silk jumpsuit during the day which turned out to be a huge misstake as I almost died of heatstroke at lunch. When it finally cooled down a bit at sunset, I threw on my old leather skirt & a silk blouse (love, love, love the contrast of sheer, nude, fabric against black leather!) for some sushi with my boyfriend and managed to catch the last rays of sun by the water!









Zara Shirt. Cheap Monday Sunglasses. Zara leather skirt. Zara Shoes. Michael Kors Watch. Zara Clutch.

152 thoughts on “hotel california

  1. Great combination!
    You should laugh more often in your photos, it looks great when you do! :D

  2. Amazing outfit! The sunnies are to die for! and the Zara shoes are amazing, I could never find them in my size and I looked everywhere!

  3. You look soo perfect! Loving the whole black+white+sheer+leopard combo! Love those black zara pointy shoes. They seem to go well with everything. Maybe I’ll get them sooon! :)
    Bisous, nana

  4. You’re looking SO elegant for going out for some sushi ;) I love the blouse, been looking for something similar.


  5. LOVING this leather skirt!! So effortlessly casual and edgy! I think this outfit would look amazing with my Chinese Laundry “Whistle” shoes in Black.. or even Magenta to add some pop!

  6. I also love that contrast, it is simply amazing! I love the look, it suits you great and the photos are very cool1 :D

  7. Zara clutch? I want it!!
    I am loving the contrast too!!! Just came here via Man Repeller’s most recent post. So funny, lol. Your blog is great!
    Newest follower,

    Girl in the Poodle Shoes
    ^Follow the link to come visit my style blog…!

  8. Hey there, love how simple the outfit looked yet there’s a certain charm to it.
    Oh and I love how your hair looks in this.
    Do tell me how you manage to maintain those gorgeous locks of yours. :D

    Love you :)

  9. gorgeous love this zara mix up- so striking i love the loose shirt and pleats together. Sounds like a great day! I have a competition to win £ 200 to spend at the kooples if you would like to enter! kisses Katie.Katie.xx
    fashion clocked

  10. Hi Carolina,
    I am a massive Zara fan and you look absolutely gorgeous in that outfit.
    BTW, on my blog, I just posted about a pair of shoes from Topshop that I think you might be interested in.
    Many thanks,

  11. I actually passed this leopard clutch in Zara… now i kinda regret it!!

    loving the whole look! Carolina, I wonder how you can always take ‘walking’ pictures in such an effortless yet beautiful way!!

  12. Omg I LOOOVE that Zara wallet/clutch! Do you know if they still have it in stores? I have to go and ask!

  13. I’ve been looking through your old posts and you are truly beautiful!
    Are you a model or a stylist?
    I couldn’t tell since you have such a fantastic fashion sense as well as your incredible beauty!

    I’m looking forward to more new posts! :)

    Love from England
    x x x

  14. its a very attractive look and works great i think these are very nice What a great idea.Good job!And those photos are super stunning! Wow! it’s a great collection for each & every occasion.

    men fashion


  15. I love that skirt! I love how you put this look together…and that clutch is AMAZING!! xoxo


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