wild horses


HORSES. Brought out my old “summoning the storm” tank top from the back of my closet this weekend. I still love it and should definitely try to get more wear out of it. The bag is my beloved midnight blue Miu Miu, necklaces from Efva Attling + vintage cross from miami.

24 thoughts on “wild horses

  1. Your pictures are so good!!

    Check out my blog, I would love to hear what you think!!

    Maria x


  2. I would never take it off, it’s divine.
    and your hair grows very fast right? I think it´s already noticably longer!


  3. god i love this tank top!
    some of my favorite outfits of yours have included it.
    it’s just so awesome!

  4. Hey !

    I have written a post on my blog using a photo of your blog…
    check it out here : http://lazy-lisaa.blogspot.com

    I love your blog and it’s on my favorites list…
    If you like it don’t hesitate to do the same ! ;-)

    Have a nice day !

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