home sweet home


Julia von Boehm’s home, featured in Jalouse (?)

TUESDAY. Sorry for the lack of posts but things have been a little crazy the last couple of days.
My boyfriend and I have been looking for an apartment for ages and finally found one last week! The apartment is amazing and I’m super excited about moving in together.

I’ll probably have to do a major closet clean-out since the space is a little more limited at the new place.
I’ll probably put some stuff on ebay or something (don’t miss out!).
Anyways, just wanted to tell you guys that I’m still alive!

20 thoughts on “home sweet home

  1. that’s great, congrats! hopefully everything will turn out great and will your new place awesome! will you post some photo’s when you can?

  2. grattis grattis! var ligger den? stockholm fortfarande? lycka till med allt framåt.
    längtar tills bloppisen eller vad det nu blir. kram

  3. Thats good news, I am happy for you. I love the couch and the lamp, and the old wall.

  4. Congratulations! New apartments are always a little trouble, but more than worth it! All that decorating :)


  5. I really hope you decide to sell some clothings of your wardrobe on eBay, I would do anything to have one of your pieces!

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