Hola Barcelona!

FRIDAY. Hello from sunny Barcelona! Woke up at 4.30 yesterday morning, headed to the airport and went to Barcelona for an event I’m going to tonight together with Andy! Will be posting a photo diary when I get home this weekend, until then, follow me on instagram (carolinaengman) for lot’s of pictures!

114 thoughts on “Hola Barcelona!

  1. Finally bought that same blouse today! Can’t wait to see your weekend diary. Have fun! xx


  2. Oh gosh, here comes the rain of jealousy which will probably only worsen after the photo-spam post. ;) Have fun in the meantime, though I’m sure you will!

  3. You look both so cute with the same sunglasses! :) This in Barcelona must me an amazing experience,I am so curious about your projects for the day.

  4. Yay, beautiful girls in beautiful city! I love Barcelona very much, it’s wonderful! Have fun :-)

  5. Hey:)
    what a great blouse and shades!Pretty Photo! Barcelona is a place to be, have fun!

  6. Ooh girls! You both looking nice with those sunnies!
    Which brand is it?

    Have an Eyeful day! ;)

  7. I am so jealous! Barcelona would be the best place for me to go right now, while it is not that warm at my town.
    Saw many pictures on Instagram. Hope you and Andy spent a great time there :) xx

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