Hey Daria, give me your earrings!

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JEWELS. I’m on the hunt for a pair of vintage chandelier earrings, preferably in sterling silver since I’m a bit allergic. Any ideas on where to find them?

17 thoughts on “Hey Daria, give me your earrings!

  1. just so you know, if you cover earrings your allergic to in clear nail varnish, it acts as a barrier and you can wear them!
    and you should fine those earrings defintly! :)

  2. daria is gorgeous! i love your blog :) very very inspirational outfits and stylish thoughts and you are gorgeous! have long been a fan but never commented so i thought i’d say hello from london! xoxo

  3. i love this pic…one of my favs!!!
    i tagged you carolina in my blog….hope you can check it out:)
    much kisses

  4. I AM A FAN 2 AND i HAVE NEVER COMMENTED!!! go go go!!! I am from Greece so I cant help ya with the earings , though I am wishing all the luck in the quest!!!

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