here comes the sun





Leopard jacket, thrifted. Blue shirt, thrifted. Turban, hattbaren. Bag, Miu Miu. Jeans, H&M. Sunnies, Karen Walker.

WEDNESDAY. I was so excited when I found this leopard jacket at a local thrift store for $10 a couple of weeks ago. I have been waiting forever to wear it and today it was finally warm enough to take it out for a walk!

46 thoughts on “here comes the sun

  1. i love these photos :) and the jacket is awesome. I love how you paired it with a boyish outfit–really nice contrast!! and are you wearing a turban?? I looove turbans!

  2. Uh, where have you bougth your rings? especially the.. uhm, well not the round one (couldn’t find a proper description)

  3. Virkelig flot outfit! Frakken er virkelig lækker!

    /Anna –

  4. thehautepursuit: thanks sweetie! yes I am, I looove turbans too! :)

    anna: I take some of the pictures myself, and sometimes my boyfriend takes them :) These pictures where taken with my iphone.

    Dee: Yeah, crazy, huh? ;)

    Sofie: hahaha! they’re both from H&M, but they sold out ages ago ;/

    hannah elizabeth: thanks! Yessss, I bought these ones last summer, still love them!

  5. Lovely pictures, you look great! I really like that leopard jacket on you and it goes so well with the jeans shirt underneath – wonderful.

  6. I like so much your pictures!
    the third one is awesome!:)
    you look gorgeous, like always!
    xxx darling!

  7. Like it a whole lot! those glasses and that leopard jacket totally make it!


  8. you look amazing, really really beautiful! ;) love the jacket and the hat/band! great!!

  9. this jacket reminds me so much of that one (i’m sure you’ve seen it) that Kate Moss used to where everywhere/all the time a few years ago. its gorgeous.

  10. the pictures are amazing! did you use film? or is it just editing?
    lovely !

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