hello tokyo!


TOKYO. Finally arrived in Tokyo yesterday morning, what an amazing city! More pictures tomorrow, until then, here’s a snap I took of the view from my hotel room at the Cerulean Tower in Shibuya ,insane!!


50 thoughts on “hello tokyo!

  1. So excited to see your outfits for Tokyo!


    X Mallika
    Http:// fashionscript.net

  2. Hello,miss C!!!
    I’m a girl living in japan♥

    WELLCOME to NIPPON!!!!!!!!!!

    So glad to hear that u r hereXD
    where will u go?
    Shibuya 109? Harajuku?
    I recommend u to go to Sinjuku rumine and Minatomirai,Yokohama!!!!!
    There are so many amazing shops may u like♥♡♥♡♥

    Can’t wait to see u on Japanese magazine!hehe

    Loooooooooove u so much:)

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