93 thoughts on “Hello there…

  1. You’re so lucky!You got them in the best colour of this collection..

    Please follow me..


    Kisses :)

  2. Thats nice of her :) btw office.. can you make a post about where the magic happens? i would love to see your work space!
    x Kat

  3. That heel so unique. Those are definitely statement shoes! What a talented designer she is!!


  4. REally aweosome those shoes!you’re lucky she gave them to you!
    by the way love the coffee cup wiht the lipstick on it! ;)

  5. I happen to notice a book by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Influence, Is it good? I am really thinking of buying it.

  6. First I want to write the following: Yes they are stylish spiked heels. I love the warm beige color. The material looks like a high quality soft suede. They look they cost a pretty penny. Personally I couldn’t wear them. I was diagnosed with diabetes some years ago and the only shoes for me are flats or pumps.
    Bottom Line. Shoes look terrific. For health reasons they are not for me.

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