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Bag, The Cambridge Satchel Company.

LOVE. F-I-N-A-L-L-Y, it arrived! My sweet parents ordered this bag as a birthday gift for me 1 month in advance to make sure it arrived on time. Unfortunately Cambridge Satchel Company, who by the way has the worst customer service, screwed up and it arrived yesterday. However, some things are worth waiting for, and this bag is definitely one of those things. Love the sturdy leather, the color (obviously) and the fact that my parents had it monogrammed! This baby is going to give my Céline bag some serious competition from now on!

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  1. ooh i’ve had my eye on the cambridge satchels for a while! i love that they are so affordable.

  2. I have it in blue and it took also like 2 months for it to arrive but I’m really happy to have it :)

  3. I’m thinking that the Cambridge satchel company has waaaaaaay to much to do. I ordered a batchel from them last year, and I think it took about two months or so before it arrived. Frustrating! But I guess that’s what happens when a small business becomes super popular. :p Either way, I love your bag! Worth the wait. ;) Colors are so much fun. :) Mine is dark brown. Guess It’ll work for eternity. :p

  4. I have this exact bag (with my own initials, of course). LOVE IT. Be prepared to have strangers ask you about it every time you take it out. And yes, it took about a month to arrive, but it was worth the wait.

  5. I love the bag but may I ask how many “inch is this one?? You would help me out a lot because as you mention their customer service is rubbish and there aren’t any clear pictures on their website. You would help me out a lot, thanks in advance and have a great weekend!

  6. That bag is just perfect. So beautiful, the color is so special! Can’t wait to see it in your outfit posts!
    Love, Lisa

  7. It is beautiful! I know it was a gift, but I’m so curious about how much it was- would love to get me one of these!

  8. OH I’m so gonna ask my boyfriend to bring me one since it’s not easy to do online shopping in Indonesia..

  9. I’ve got one as well. Mine is red with an E and a dot on it: “E.” My boyfriend gave it to me one year ago when I turned 20. I love it to death and wear it to school every day.

    Haha oj nu fick det bli på engelska. Orkar inte skriva om. ;)

  10. Love your new bag, such a nice shape, and the colour is really refreshing! I went directly to the website to check out their collection of bags. And I was wondering, wich size is you bag?

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