hello spring!

Pictures by Mattias Swenson & Marta Massari

FIRENZE. Here’s the last look I styled during Luisa Via Roma’s event Firenze 4-ever! It might not exactly have been spring weather outside when we shot these pictures but this is most definitely something I could see myself rocking once the temperature starts heating up a bit. And trust me, during the 20 minutes it took to shoot these pictures, the cold weather was the last thing on my mind thanks to these insanely painful Zanotti heels.. Oh well, no pain no gain I guess! ;)




153 thoughts on “hello spring!

  1. Tooo gorgeous! I always loved combining bright red with pale pink colors, but this light-to-neon- fucshia is so charming I fell for that dress immediately! Oh, the tragedy…

  2. Those shoes LOOK painful ! Your foot is at such an awkward angle. I would not have lasted 20 minutes in them.


  3. Your dress is unbelievable!!!And your bag amazing!!!!
    Take a look if you like!

  4. oh my good, the heels look great, but indeed a bit uncomfortable!
    But I can’t see anything of this pain in your face – I’m impressed!
    And I love this outfit!
    xxx Anita

  5. You look absolutely amazing! Pink REALLY suites your hair and skin colour! Love everything you have on and that PS bag is so gorgeous. I hope you get to keep it :)

  6. Everything about this is so pretty! I love all the pinks and corals together, such underrated colours. Beautiful hair too!


  7. You look amazing as per usual. Was there an issue with the hem of the dress? The shoes are gorgeous, hopfully worth the pain! x

  8. I think the bag makes the outfit to what it is. (gorgeous)I love the bright colour of the bag in combination with the printed dress, the “naked” jacket and the light colour of her shoes. Looks as fantastic as it alwas does.:)

  9. great work! Stunning outfit! That top and skirt really look like they could be part of a Versace collection!

  10. I love every SINGLE thing about this outfit! Especially the Zanotti heels, the pain is so worth the cuteness!

  11. those Zanottis look so cuteee and pretty! but yes, they look painful to wear =/ oh well my sis always say that beauty comes with a price. really true when you look at shoes =0
    overally stunning look Carolina xoxo make sure you post another one using that dress once Spring arrives hehe^^ (and your choice whether to use those heels, though I must say, they look splendid :D)

    Style Hostess

  12. I looooove your dress!!!! This is a lot of insiration, thank you! Xx


  13. Great outfit. At my city it would be way too cold to wear something like this, but I’m looking forward to spring so much to wear a lot of outfits like this one.

    Love, B.

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