hello NY!

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NYC.  Hello New York! Just a tiny bit obsessed with the view from my room, imagine waking up to this everyday… Was planning to head out for dinner with friends tonight but my stupid jetlag is ruining all the fun. Instead, I’m going to throw on my pajama, order some room service and watch a movie, if I can keep my eyes open that is. This bed is dangerously comfortable right now..

71 thoughts on “hello NY!

  1. New York will be there for you in the am! PJs and a good movie always fix the jet lag!!!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  2. It looks gorgeous! I am going to NY in january. Where are you staying? I would love to have the view myself :) x LOVE your blog

  3. I have never been to New York before. I am trying to sell the idea to my husband, but he says it is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, I am sure that is not true. Anyway drink some Red Bull and get out of bed – you will miss every thing ! Hope you have a fabulous time.

  4. Me gustò mucho New York aunque si estuve solo poco tiempo,es una ciudad encantadora,con tantisimas cosa por conocer,por algo es la capital del mundo.Besos

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