Hello Norway!

Elle Norway, march 09 issue

ELLE. I was asked to do a “style diary” for Norwegian Elle a couple of months ago, and voila!
Big thanks to Kristin Guttormsen who sent me the march issue, I’m looking forward to read it tonight.

P.S. How hilarious/pathetic/weird is it that I have my head in the exact same position in the last three photos?!
I got to learn to scan properly. The outfit in the right corner looks like this when it’s not cropped.

35 thoughts on “Hello Norway!

  1. awesome, you look lovely in every picture, and yes i did notice the similar head positions… but then some poses feel more comfortable don’t they.

  2. äh, det blir väl lätt att man står på samma sätt som man brukar. kul att just de tre bilderna hamnade intill varandra bara. men du är extremt söt. häftig grej med norska elle med!

  3. Jag ska till norge snart kan du tipsa om några bra shopping ställen, lite billigare alternativ. Thanx! Kramar /Rebecka

  4. Leste om deg i Elle for en ca en uke siden og har etter dette begynte å lese bloggen din fast..
    Kjempe bra blogg du har =)

    Du har sikkert fått mange fler norske lesere etter den reportasjen

  5. carolinaaaaa!!! do you have the margiela summoning the storm tee too?!?!

    amazing spread. many, many congratulations


  6. Um… on the second picture it says; “Scarf from Zara,”
    But on the fourth picture it says; “Scarf from Topshop”
    I know, I know.. It’s not really a big deal, but I just noticed.. :P
    But, Carolina, you look stunning. As always!

    Love xx

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