hello new york!

bimba y lola coat via fashionsquad.comPicture by Mattias Swenson

NYC. This past weekend has been one of the most fun, yet exhausting ones in a really long time. We’ve managed to move into our new apartment here in New York, squeeze in two trips to Ikea, assemble all the furniture + unpack all of our luggage, and even though we’re still nowhere near done decorating the apartment, it’s already starting to feel like home. Every morning when I wake up and look out the window I have to pinch myself in the arm, just to make sure I’m not dreaming, but we’re actually, finally, living here and I couldn’t be happier!

COAT Bimba & Lola. SUNGLASSES Céline. SWEATER Dagmar (here). BAG Proenza Schouler (here). JEANS Topshop. SHOES Stuart Weitzman.

129 thoughts on “hello new york!

  1. Oh I can imagine how happy you must be. 2 years ago I spent 6 amazing months in the best city of the world. Wish you a great start!


  2. Welcome to NYC! I’m happy for you! You made a great decision, especially moving in spring. I have the same experience 8 months ago. NYC is amazing! Enjoy! :)

  3. Aaah I’m so happy for you!! It must be super amazing to live there! You look really cool by the way :)

  4. I am so happy for you, living in New York like you wanted.
    One day I hope to rent an apartment there as well, so I’m very curious to read about all your ‘adventures’ :)

    Oh, and I love that coat!!


  5. Oh that is so exciting! Congratulations!!! :)
    It would be lovely if you could make a post giving us tips about moving to NY!!! When you find the time of course.

  6. Loving the orange and the pattern! Hope you enjoy your new residence here in the States.


  7. I would like to live in NYC someday and I am working hard for that. I read your blog and follow you on instagram. I do not like write many nonsensical comment on your blog or any bloggers. But when I read your post and I realized that how much I love to be in NYC, living in the most popular city in the world. I know my life is gonna be up-side-down and I have to get use to it and find my own way to survive. Dear Engman, I’m glad to here that you finish set-up your new place and prepare for your new life. I hope you will meet new friends and have a great career opportunity in NYC. I am looking forward good new from you.

    From Tammydefox with love

  8. AMAZING POST:) Your blog is so wonderful and Im now following.

    If you want some cute Swesish decor inspiration..check out my blog:)

    Have an awesome weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  9. Love so much your blog! You’re a really good blogger!
    trendybymyheels.blogspot.com VISIT ME! :D

  10. The feeling of moving in to a new apartment is indescribable, panic and excitement and other stuff! Good luck on finishing the decorations.
    I love your outfit! amplified orange under bold printed coat, whats not to love!?
    Stay fab!!

    Personal Style Blog

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