48 thoughts on “Hello new shoes..

  1. They are perfect! I’m still searching for my perfect pair of wedges but yours are truly gorgeous and fit so well with your wardrobe,

  2. Oh! Love these…but the ultimate question is…who are they by and where can you get them?

  3. To all who where wondering, they’re from Bronx, but Aldo has a pair of identical ones! Check out – bronxshoes.com or aldoshoes.com

  4. Typisk at man skal være Norsk.. Får verken tilgang til webshop hos Bronx eller Aldo! *sukk*

  5. what will u be wearing them with?? leather bodycon skirt?? white tunic sundress??

  6. Omg are those from Aldo? I was dying for the brown suede ones but they’re like over 700 Ringgit here!!!

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