hello new shoes..


Shoes from BDK. Sunglasses from Anna-Karin Karlsson

HELLO. You can never have too many black boots, at least, that’s what I keep telling myself.. new shoes, welcome to the family!

83 thoughts on “hello new shoes..

  1. i agree.. you can never have too many! especially when they’re that cute!


  2. you can always justify the purchase of a new pair of black shoes! love these boots, carolina. simple yet very interesting.

  3. Welcome to the world beautiful babies. Congratulations Miss Engman, they’re adorable. You have a wonderful addition to the family.

    Seriously though, they fricking rock. Perfect height, shape, heel, fabrication…sigh.

  4. where are they froM??? please, please!! I’m looking for ones like these!!!

  5. Love ’em — those are the perfect basic black boots! And I agree, you can never have too many pairs. Can’t wait to see how you wear them. <3

    xx Laura

  6. “shoes from BDK”. Vänligen utveckla, haffar nämligen själv gärna ett par men BDK säger mig nada.
    Tack på förhand.

  7. I loooove your sunglasses and have been trying to find info on were to get them (in Sweden9) and how much hey are? Could you please, please help me?

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